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Starting Out

Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I’m brand new to the blogging community (so, be easy on me!)

Here you will articles about mental health regarding depression and social anxiety.
Specifically, my own experiences and what I’ve learnt on my journey to recover though I still have a lot more to learn. Little shout out to a young woman called Kelly i.e. anxiouslass who inspired me to create my very own mental health blog — if you haven’t checked her out, you should!

Brief summary:

Since I was a child I was always quite withdrawn and reserved meaning I couldn’t make friendships as easy as the other children could which then led to me purposely isolating myself which then led to teasing and eventually bullying. Highschool came round the corner and I was optimistic about meeting new people, a new ‘more grown-up’ experience.. that didn’t happen. This is how social anxiety began for me, I’d say between leaving primary school and entering highschool if I remember correctly.
Anxiety doesn’t come from nowhere, it usually comes from past situations and this is how it began for me. I am still learning to deal with it and accept that it is a part of me and not all of me.